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98 Outdoor Premium Sign

(30th Ave S.)

98 Outdoor helps local and national businesses reach millions of customers visiting and living on the Grand Strand. Our double-sided digital billboard* maximizes your ads exposure by being the only northbound/right side viewing digital billboard on US 17 in the North Myrtle Beach area. This premium location with over 400,000+ average weekly impressions** sits at a street lighted intersection for even greater views.

* Sign location US 17 and 30th Ave S (SE corner); newly installed 2021

** Based on SCDOT 2019 traffic counts times 1.3 occupant factor

Image by DesignClass


Which explains why this advertising medium continues to grow. Industry studies have shown on average for every $1 invested in a billboard ad $3 in revenue is generated. From cell phones to laptops to tv’s, Digital is what our eyes are use to seeing. 

Limited availability. Inquire for our premium sign details.



To take further advantage of our premium location, 98 Outdoor and its design partners help create truly unique designs. Whether a product image, a service offering or the promotion of a mission, 98 Outdoor will focus the design to capture attention while leaving a positive, memorable impression.



Image by Jon Tyson
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30th Ave. S.

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